A true legacy has little to do with what you own or what physical structures you have built.  An impact that you make that affects lives is a true legacy. Life hardly follows an ideal plan, families face challenges that affect its foundation either through illness, abuse or situations that test the fabric of the family.  Our Philanthropic focus varies from cancer research and non-profit organizations that look to improve lives of children and high risk communities.


We have 2 goals, raise funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and as important, raise awareness directly to those who can be affected by testicular cancer; teenage boys and young men. We are proud to announce the inaugural MICHELANGELO CUP, an elite boys soccer tournament that will provide the richest tournament experience the country can offer. With honorary Chair, Toronto F.C. star Jonathan Osorio the event is attracting talent on and off the field to ensure an elite experience.

The Michelangelo Gala represents the essence of the Dell’Elce family’s philanthropic focus; raising funds for cancer research and treatment. This years gala raised over $500,000, the largest we have raised yet. Thank you to all those that made this possible.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer® is an epic two day cycling event spanning 200km. Since 2008 the Ride to Conquer Cancer has raised over $138 million for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and currently is Canada’s largest cycling fundraiser.


The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the world’s top 5 cancer research centres.Through ongoing research, education and innovation, Princess Margaret continues to be on the frontiers of medical, surgical and radiation oncology, embracing the latest technology and international best-practices and setting standards for patient care